About GoFreshwaterFishing.com

There are two ways to discover the joys of fishing: by stumbling into it or by premeditated pursuit.

In this website, I aim to welcome your interest in freshwater fishing by enhancing your knowledge and resulting angling repertoire, no matter your point of entry.

If you simply stumbled onto this website, just like I stumbled into fishing by happenstance of a fishing dad, I extend a big, hearty welcome.

On the other hand, if you saw something on a televised fishing show or in a magazine that tickled your otherwise dormant fishing bone and led to further study of the sport, welcome as well, and thanks for letting me join you on your new yet captivating journey.

About the Author

It’s sometimes fun to talk about yourself in third person, so here we go:

Brad Ross cut his fishing teeth on Kenai River salmon as a 5-year-old tagging along with dad on trips to their Kenai cabin when only cabins existed in what is now a full-fledged city.

Though his family later migrated to the Lower 48, his dad continued to tow his sons to waters yet undiscovered.

Eventually, Brad moved even farther south to the shores of the Caribbean, where fish of a different color and stripe abound.

You can say his piscatorial seduction at a tender age turned into an obsession.

Now, he wants to share all of his compiled knowledge to those only beginning to taste the rapture of fishing—his seven-year-old son being no exception.

His ultimate joy is paying his knowledge forward, ensuring that others enjoy and pay forward the same mania that has hooked him since those days on the banks of the Kenai.

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What will you learn?

Don’t know a braided line from monofilament? A bait-casting reel from a closed-face? A slot from a drift? A scud from a dun? A dry line from a wet one? A drift boat from a pram? Waders from hip boots or a clinch knot from a surgeon’s knot?

Wondering where to start fishing in this this water-dominated world? I will guide you to the places and nooks where you can find the fish you seek.

Keep your eyes on this site and you will begin to speak and breathe freshwater fishing. You will know how to approach your prey, what to offer it, when to seek it, how to identify it, how to clean it, how to release it, and even prepare it for the table—all among hundreds of more invaluable and promising insights leading to your fishing utopia.

I will try my best to cover each one of the ABC’s to enjoying and mastering the art of bringing fish to lure, fly or bait.

Why Am I Doing This?

Through this freshwater fishing website, I hope to fill you with the joy and the thrill this sport brings me.

Meanwhile, I wish to supply you with the arsenal of knowledge and various how-to’s to keep you from ever becoming discouraged or flustered (barring those unavoidable occasions when they just aren’t biting).

In fact, some of my most memorable moments afield occurred when the fish snubbed my offerings.

You see, fishing is not just about hooking fish. It is the wonder of the wild and all of its inhabitants, winged or legged.

Through this site, I hope you learn to love the sport as much as the great outdoors. Ultimately, you should understand the importance of this sport to your well-being.

Fishing is more than a sport, it is an immersion that makes weekends and holidays much more than just watching football or mowing the lawn.

More importantly, it is something to pass onto succeeding generations. It instills appreciation, temperament and stewardship of the environment. Its rewards are multi-dimensional, but mostly, it’s just sheer fun.

How Will I Parse All This Vast Knowledge?

Do you recall the feeling of your first day on the job?

If so, you might imagine how daunting the first day on the water can be, despite how diametrically opposed these two endeavors may be.

By breaking down each facet of freshwater fishing into bite-sized pieces, I hope to eliminate from your fishing experience the confusion, misdirection and general aimlessness that makes the sport feel more like work than a personal passion.

The Where

Much of your success in fishing will revolve around where you are fishing. Is it a river? A canal? A lake? A reservoir? A mere farm pond? Perhaps it is a lake tucked between rocky crags at an elevation of 5,000 feet.

The piece of the water you are fishing, the current or stagnancy of the water, its depth and its size all figure into how to catch a fish from that particular lake, pond or stream.

Together, we will cover all water types, what kind of fish you can expect to find in certain types of waters and how to best coax them onto your line.

The When

Fish behavior hinges on when you are fishing for them. Particular species respond differently to various temperatures of water and times of day.

Some species dine on different life forms than other species. These life forms are equally dependent upon water temperature, the season and time of day.

A fully educated angler will find that there is a fish available somewhere every day of the year, no matter the season, the month, week or day.

Finally, the How

I will get down to the nitty-gritty of those infinite details that determine a boat ride from a fishing trip, a day spent bearing the wind, rain or relentless sun from the gyration of a rod tip or a delectable plate of fresh fish in the evening.

The how-to will span from hook size, to the type of line, to its strength or pound test, to type of reel, to strength and length of rod, to what type of clothes or footwear to wear, to what type of knots to use, to types of water craft to use and even how to set the correct drag (reel resistance when a fish is on the run).

I will also cover the proverbial “frequently asked questions” on what I hope will be your go-to freshwater fishing resource online.

Whether your path into the world of fishing involves a fly rod, a spinning rod, a bait-casting outfit or a trolling rig, you will find out how to optimize your opportunities on this site.

Meet you ‘round the bend

So, in between tying snelled hooks, connecting your tippets, spooling your line onto reel, organizing your tackle box or coursing through your region’s guidebook to fishing, don’t forget to visit the site of my life’s passion.

I hope it soon becomes your obsession too.